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The Winning Floorplan
The Winning Floorplan
Scion recently announced the winners of its Floorplan competition, in which designers — a mix of students and professionals — were asked to create a complete concept for a dealer showroom. Entries were judged by Scion executives and L.A.-based retail environment design firm Commune. Submissions were evaluated on the basis of creativity, manufacturability, functionality and appropriateness to the Scion brand and buyer, with the grand prize being $5,000. (The runners-up won $1,000 and $500, respectively.) The big winner, seen here, is Raymond Heinsman, whose "functional, flexible" design, based on interchangeable showroom modules, "reduces cost and increases lifespan," according to the judges. "All modules can be arranged to accommodate a dealership's shape and infrastructure, guaranteeing consistency in the Scion environment. The square showroom echoes a modern-age garage, with a metal railing system that frames out the space. Each module is comprised of two shelving units and two sales areas that allow for privacy. A raised illuminated platform becomes a perfect resting place for the car on display, adding depth and drama to the space, and the design accommodates strong graphics and multimedia presentations." In the PDF: 2) Anthony Femiano, Second Place, 3) Elliot Ortiz, San Francisco Academy of Art, Third Place; and finalists 4) Ming Tang, Savannah College of Art and Design, 5) Zen Chen, and 6) Domenico Leo. See for more.
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