DESIGN: Shilo Bedecks Itself

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Wheels of Fire
Wheels of Fire
Call it mobile media. Bicoastal motion graphics house Shilo, which has done a lot of skate graphics-friendly work for clients like Scion, has put the equivalent of an effects/animation montage reel-opener on a skateboard. "Typically working in broadcast media, it's a very cool challenge to tell a story in a single, still design," says executive producer Tracy Chandler. "This collage not only encompasses our work and the tonality of our studio but it fuses our two passions by having our art and design on the canvas of a skateboard. We all come from a skateboarding background; the sport is a huge part of our culture and experience, and it influences our work in all sorts of different ways." The board is strictly a promotional item, in a collaboration with Zoo York. "We've been handing them out to special friends and clients," notes Chandler. "And skating them, of course!" See for more.
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