EXHIBITIONS: Archer $ Beck's Political Ball

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A Material Girl
Animator/directors Jason Archer and Paul Beck — aka the commercials and music video directing duo Archer $ Beck, repped by Hornet — are having a politically charged exhibition at Gray Matters Gallery in Dallas. The show, which opened last week and runs through Oct. 30, is entitled "Code Red Cotillion," and it features Iris prints, sculptures and acrylics on canvas, as well as screenings of their trilogy of animated political satires. Opening this showcase is a limited-edition print pulled from Clean Sweep, part of the trilogy. But in the PDF is fine art from a series called the "Bush Family Album," which is "a response to the political madman who is masquerading as our President," says Archer, who, being a fellow Texan of Dubya's, is not one to mince words.

"This frightening born-again has imposed his extreme and depressing ideologies, leaving little room for peace and prosperity. Using humor to lighten the message in order to smile and shine some light on his dark rhetoric, we've been able to cope with a four-year nightmare." The telling titles for the work seen here: besides the aforementioned "Code Red Cotillion," we have "Bush in Baby Bio Chem Pullover"; "Silent Partners Picnic Party"; "Thanksgiving Day With Dear Aunt Cheney"; and "World Class Day Care." On a less nightmarish note, "we sold seven pieces at the opening, including a sculpture that's a 50-gallon oil drum with Charles Manson's face painted on it," says Beck, yet another Texan. "We've been carrying that thing around for two years." For more info, click here for the Archer $ Beck site, and here for the gallery.

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