EXHIBITIONS: Two Degrees of Separation in L.A.

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Bonnet by Dickson
Katrina Dickson, a photographer we've featured before, who works frequently with Philadelphia's Gyro, has a show at L.A.'s LoFi Gallery through March 5 called "Hanging Out (With Friends)." One of her friends is graphic designer Louise Bonnet, whose portrait is leading this showcase and who also has a show in L.A., through March 6, called "Let's Go," at the Jeff Electric Gallery (see the PDF). "Louise is my best friend in the world, and I wanted to start doing nudes but I'm shy about naked people, so I started with her," says Dickson. "She has a very Julie Christie vibe, and I really like how her arms mirror the lamps." Of the other shots featured here, actress Robin Tunney "was my part-time roomie while she was making a movie," says Dickson. "This is my most 'me' photograph, which sounds stupid but it was a 'Hey, let's go in the backyard and take pictures 'cause we're bored' picture, which are usually my favorites. Not a lot of people can look cool with a box on her head, but Robin does." Of Debbie, the woman in the tree, who's not an actress, we can say not everyone can look cool in a tree, but she does. As for Bonnet, she says her heavily music-influenced pen-and-ink work is "the result of a big NWA phase followed by a big Ramones phase, along with an undying love for Los Angeles and an irrational terror of looming housewifeness." Beyond that, she modestly insists her work "is not very deep. I'm a graphic designer, not really an 'artist.' " See www.lofi.com and www.jeffelectricgallery.com for more.
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