EXHIBITIONS: Kenzo Minami Looks Sharp

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Minami's Pyramid Power
In quite a departure from its onetime low-end electronics reputation, Sharp is getting intriguingly high-end artsy on behalf of its new Aquos G-Series flat-panel LCD TVs. A gallery called The Aquos Project, described by Sharp as "a platform for cutting-edge artists," opened in New York's SoHo yesterday, with an exhibit of the work of graphic designer and fashion-inspired artist Kenzo Minami, who marks his first solo show. (Minami also was recently part of the W magazine art/fashion collaboration for Fashion Week, seen earlier in PrintCritic and in the October Creativitywww.moretosee.com, in their exhibitions. Minami's show, entitled "Codex 408," references the mysteriously untranslatable medieval Voynich Manuscript (click here for more) via "layers of flat colors, logos, esoteric symbols and codes," according to Sharp. "The exhibit reflects Minami's reaction to the richness of the manuscript, interpreted through multimedia, including a large-scale mural, a series of silkscreens and a video installation." Says Minami, "this project is an opportunity for me to mix different art mediums under one theme. Though I've done animation in past work, I've never been able to combine it with a mural and prints." He also notes a connection between his work and the Sharp campaign: "Both introduce snapshots of information while telling a story."
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