FEEDBACK: The Surgery's Sticker Promo — Physician, Heal Thyself?

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Guilty of Malpractice?
Re those cheeky cats at The Surgery who went around placing stickers on bad advertising (last week's PrintCritic): What an inspired and inspiring idea. But have you seen their work? I was so impressed by the big brass ones of that sticker move that I went to their site ( only to discover that their work needs a Surgeon General's warning of its own! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If one is going to put down other agencies, one really should have a kickass portfolio.
Alana Broadhead
Junior Creative
New Zealand

The self-promotion campaign by The Surgery is virtually the exact same idea that was executed by another Australian startup agency, Omon, 20 years ago. What Omon did was to rip bad ads out of magazines and place a similar sticker on them, declaring that these ads were bad and they could fix them. The ads were sent to CEOs and MDs. The thinking was that a marketing manager who approved the work wasn't about to agree his advertising sucked, but a CEO responsible for a financial result might be more interested to hear an alternative point of view. It's a much smarter execution than just defacing someone's commercial property, which they spent good money for. If you're going to nick someone's idea, the least you could do is do it better than the original. Or, better yet, come up with something original.
Michael Zadorozniak
General Manager
The Ideas Group
Port Melbourne, Australia

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