GUERRILLA ART: A Bleach Alternative

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May They Spread Their Guerrilla Art
May They Spread Their Guerrilla Art
OK, the summer guerrilla art season is now officially underway, thanks to this choice Clorox submission from Attik ( copywriter Andy Beach, shot on a San Francisco BART train. "I thought this was pretty funny," says Beach, "especially since, as a dad, I think advertisers' suggestions of trying to kill every germ within 10 miles of your kid is an absolute joke. The nastier something is, the more likely my 2-year-old is to pick it up, even if it's just to show it to me, and say, 'Eewwwww.' " This Bud's for eewwwww, Andy! For the rest of you, why not use your cellphones for something genuinely useful, like promoting free speech and vandalism? Shoot some guerrilla art and send it to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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