GUERRILLA ART: Enhanced Ad of the Week

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Can You Top This?
We thank ourselves for this beauty, shot shortly after Election Day in Manhattan, phone kiosk, 37th and Madison — and it was mysteriously wiped clean by the next morning. Who knew that anyone in New York, presumably a Democrat yet, could get exercised about a Wonderbra chick? By the way, the obscured text near her shoulder says "Indecent policy. Impeach Bush." Who knew Bush was a firm Wonderbra supporter? Also, we have a correction re last week's Guerrilla Art item: The quote from ad shooter Daniel Pieracci was garbled. What's under the "American" sticker is, of course, "FedEx." This is a DHL ad, after all. The ad gets a replay in the PDF.

Moreover, we're including a Wonderbra spec campaign in this PDF — one that would possibly pass muster with the "Indecent policy" person. These flesh-free ads are the work of San Francisco-based writer Andy Beach ([email protected]), doubling here as AD, who explains, "I did this because the world needs another spec campaign for Wonderbra done by a guy. Plus, as a copywriter, I felt that it was important that I have a campaign in my book that really puts my writing ability on display. Actually, I just thought it was a fun, simple idea that visually says what Wonderbra does." But will Bush support it? Seen a good enhanced ad? Enhanced one yourself? Whatever the case, shoot it and send a jpeg to [email protected] with location info. Do it today! Vandals everywhere will thank you. By the same token, have a spec print campaign you'd like to flaunt? Send it to the same address without further ado!

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