GUERRILLA ART: Fun With Fox News

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America's Enhancement Choice
It's not quite as pleasurable as a wine-soaked loofah mitt massage from Bill O'Reilly, but it's close. We're talking about this gung-ho Fox News poster, which has been lingering in the New York area like a bad rash, just waiting to be scratched by "We distort. You deride" anti-fans. Thanks to Rob Hoffman ([email protected]), a junior creative at Haywire in Hoboken, N.J., for catching it on a Path train, though unfortunately he had to use a cellphone camera, so the image isn't quite as in-your-face as anything associated with Rupert Murdoch should be. In the PDF is a variation on this, which we caught on the Hunterspoint subway platform not too long ago. Seen a good enhanced ad? Enhanced one yourself? Whatever the case, shoot it and send a jpeg to [email protected] with location info. Do it today! Vandals everywhere will thank you.
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