GUERRILLA ART: The Thrilla Starring Milla

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Minding Your P's on Cue
This billboard apocalypse is not an original submission, but it's too good to pass up, and we thank ace PR guy Roger Darnell for alerting us to it. It's from L.A. Weekly on the web two weeks ago, and it's about "a strike force of seven (including four lookouts and one ground-support crew member — read: ladder holder)" who transformed a Resident Evil billboard at the corner of Pico and Centinela, before daybreak on a Saturday, simply by adding a P and Dubya's inscrutable mug. The team then went on to do a bunch of bus shelters. Whoever this intrepid crew is, we salute them. And wouldn't Milla Jovovich make a great Secretary of Defense? Click here for the whole story. Seen a good enhanced ad? Enhanced one yourself? Whatever the case, shoot it and send a jpeg to [email protected] with location info. Do it today! Vandals everywhere will thank you.
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