OUT OF HOME: Nationwide Flies With Skybus

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Nationwide is On Their Side
Nationwide is On Their Side
Spanking new ultra-bargain carrier Skybus Airlines, based in Columbus, Ohio, has its first branded airplane — i.e., branded with an advertiser's message. The fuselage of the Airbus A319 sports a Nationwide logo and the familiar "On your side" slogan. "At Skybus, our goal is to provide outrageously low fares – fares significantly lower than what Columbus passengers are currently experiencing," explains Skybus CEO Bill Diffenderffer. "One of the ways we're able to do this is by offering both traditional and nontraditional marketing opportunities – like advertising on our planes." According to the company, which is working with Dallas' TM Advertising on the project, Skybus is the only U.S.-based domestic carrier currently offering fuselage space to advertisers. Coming soon will be ads in the plane's interior, for what Diffenderffer calls "a complete brand experience for passengers." Tray tables, overhead bins and rest room doors are all in play. "This is another example of how innovation will help us cut through the clutter," says Nationwide CMO Jim Lyski. The insurance and financial services company — which does not offer flight insurance — is also based in Columbus and is one of several local Skybus investors.
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