ILLUSTRATION: Joe Simko Rolls Out a Derby Winner

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Big Hot Wheels
We don't know if it's a harbinger of a full-blown retro-trash renaissance, but it's certainly an encouraging development — women's wrestling on wheels has come back to New York in the form of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. And you know these chicks are tough, 'cause they have names like Venus Demolish, Sybil Disobedience and Margaret Thrasher, and their debut event a couple of weeks ago was held in the South Bronx. The poster for this auspiciously vicious occasion is the work of Joe Simko, whose rockin' comix-inflected art can be seen in this PDF showcase and at "My style formed while I was growing up with Saturday morning cartoons in the '80s," says Simko. "Bright, punchy colors and big feet. But nothing inspired me more than the art of '70s underground cartoon genius Vaughn Bode. His style takes two directions at once — it's sweet and friendly and at the same time it's rude and raunched out." Hence Simko's Sweet Rot homage. In the case of the roller derby poster, Simko says these particular big feet originated with Gotham Girls founder Karin Bruce (aka Chassis Crass), who requested "a take on Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, which I think is very fitting for this league." No doubt. Click here to catch all the tat-packin', clavicle-crackin' action at the Gotham Girls site, where they boast some muscular recruitment copy: "We're looking for fierce women who have what it takes to join our ranks and crack some skulls."
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