INSTALLATIONS: A Lexus Art "Void" in New York

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Unpacking a Lexus
Unpacking a Lexus
Oct. 16-20 marked a curious installation project on a plaza at New York's World Financial Center, as the shape of a Lexus LS 460 was slowly unveiled as if it were emerging, perhaps, from a museum-quality shipping container. Titled "Unpacking," the piece was created by a New York firm called nArchitects, and produced by L.A. lifestyle marketing company Inform Ventures. Eric Bunge, a partner at nArchitects, describes it as embodying "the void of the car, almost a ghost of it," which not only stokes launch-and-reveal anticipation but gets people thinking about the interior of the car in a way they otherwise probably wouldn't. From the exhibit description: "The installation consists of an 8x16-foot sculpture that transforms in a subtle way from day to day. The piece is a luminous, semi- transparent structure made with sanded acrylic vertical panels that are spaced apart and cut out such that a void in the interior of this structure is the shape of the car — as if the car had been subtracted. But this is not revealed at once. On the first day, the piece is opaque. On each day, foam panels are removed, gradually revealing the interior. The installation sits on an aluminum base that functions as a light box, shining diffuse light upwards." Select scenes from the transformation are presented here. See for more.
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