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"Handle Your Business"
The latest issue of one of our fave cool little quarterlies, The Royal, from David Gensler and the Keystone Design Union, is out. This edition, #5, is themed "Handle Your Business," with a focus "on the relationship between business and design," says Gensler, who's managing editor of the mag and president of the KDU. A section on Designer Capitalists includes coverage of Attik, Peter Arnell, Strategic Group, Tronic and others, but this is nothing new for The Royal, which is all about the three C's: collisions, culture and capitalism. "These are the pillars of mash culture," Gensler explains, which is the culture, encompassing a nearly all-inclusive 13-35 demo, that has resulted from the "collision of Gen X and Gen Y on a global scale, connected through controlled media and technology. We've entered an age of oversaturation and overstimulation. We designed The Royal to be a global guide to help our generation decipher and navigate the density." That must be part of the reason why it's conveniently cargo-pocket size. "Advertising agencies and brands can't seem to effectively reach mash culture," Gensler believes. "This is a generation that creates its own brands and has loyalty to its own brands — which is why 99% of the solutions developed by agencies to reach them don't work." Some pages from the new issue and previous issues are seen in this showcase. See for more.
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