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Dutch Treat
This hit our weird-web inbox last week, and we're compelled to exploit it immediately, before it becomes so popular it replaces "Don't eat the big mints" Polish jokes. The Kisses urinal, as it's called, is marketed by Dutch company Bathroom Mania,, and if you think such a product has no mainstream, so to speak, commercial application, Kisses are in full smooch at the Virgin Airways Clubhouse at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. The designer, Meike van Schijndel — a woman, incidentally — has also done a flower pot toilet called Good Morning Sunshine, among other less bizarre iterations in the Bathroom Mania line. She explains on the site that the designs originated as a final project for her art school illustration major. "With illustrative design, it is very important to make an obvious link between the look of the design and its surroundings. A good story behind the design helps trigger the fantasy, so the design will stay fun to look at. Form and color are obvious spirit-lifters, and therefore I designed Bathroom Mania. The designs are based on stories that, for me, have to do with the total bathroom experience." And she goes on to somewhat testily defend the Kisses concept: "The thought that some people have with the Kisses design is not necessarily my idea. Sometimes you have to broaden your horizon, and, if you take a good look at the Bathroom Mania line, you might understand the ideas/stories behind the sanitary wares and where the Kisses urinal came from. Kisses is made as an art piece with a wink to reality. The thought that this urinal only represents a man peeing in a woman's mouth never even occurred to me while making it. Lighten up, it's just a cartoonish-looking mouth, there are worse things in the world to get all worked up about. We get loads of great responses to the Bathroom Mania designs and Kisses urinal from both men and women who think it's a great idea and can't wait to see one in real life. I think that says enough." Excuse us while we go fertilize.
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