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Lobo, a São Paulo, Brazil-based animation and design studio, recently made a beautiful short promotional film for Diesel, called Lost Paradise, to be seen on the Diesel website ( and in-store displays as well as being distributed on DVD. See the upcoming June Creativity for more on this project. What we're showcasing right here is the packaging of the Lost Paradise DVD, also from Lobo, which includes some of the coolest fridge magnets we've ever seen — big, circular beauties that have turned the front of our Frigidaire into a paradise of its own. The whole thing comes in a wooden box, the DVD in a mock film canister with the fridge magnets stacked on top, and if this indicates a new practical approach to Diesel's often bizarre marketing, we're all for it (the packaging production is credited to Lobo's Peter Cheng). The film, and the magnets, are inspired by the designs and textiles of the 2004 spring/summer Diesel collection, and Lost Paradise was conceived as a "digital artistic experience," says Lobo founder/CD Mateus Santos. "Our creative team flew to Italy several times to meet with Diesel's design team, who gave us the intimate stories behind this season's beautiful textile designs. They spun such a fantastical tale, we were able to channel that into Lost Paradise." The sweetly surreal film is composed of four chapters, each based on a theme of the four components of the collection: "Green Encounter," "Birds of Paradise," "Fish Ahoy!" and "Floral Eruption." In the words of Captain Beefheart, it's like two flamingos in a fruit fight.
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