PAPER PROMOTIONS: Domtar's Wonderful World of Black & White

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Domtar Answer Pack D
Domtar Paper's ( latest edition in its Answer Pack reference series for designers is "Domtar Answer Pack D: On Black & White." In the words of Domtar, it "presents eye-catching design scenarios that prove blending black and white photography with various surfaces, colors and textures can produce a symphony of tonality and contrast." Concise tutorials cover the likes of basic black halftones, double-black and color-biased duotones; "kiss-fitting" positive and negative images; and enhancing images with colored and textured papers — all demonstrated with loose-fit design cards, "perfect for side-by-side comparisons of each technique and paper variation. Each card features a different effect and explains what paper stocks, ink sequences and special techniques were used to achieve it." The Answer Pack was designed by Chicago's Petrick Design,
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