PAPER PROMOTIONS: Gilbert's Designer Profiles

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From See Thru Me
From See Thru Me
"See Thru Me," the title of an unusual Gilbert Paper promo, showcasing its Gilclear and Clearfold lines, features a spotlight on eight designers from four regions of the U.S., who were "invited to reveal their visual profiles," according to Kathy Kemps, Fox River Paper Co.'s marketing manager for the Gilbert brand. The designers — Paul Sahre, Anisa Suthayalai, Maggy Cuesta, Julio Lima, Rick Valicenti, Dawn Hancock, Lorraine Wild and Peter Cho — are put through a variety of personality paces. On the text end, they fill in a lot of blanks (for example, "In the realm of culture, I have a secret sweet tooth for — nudity," answers Julio Lima). In addition, they've been photographed in profile by Bill Valicenti of Quad Photo, then the designers have riffed on their images with "self-expression artwork," which may be an overlay on the portrait, embedded in the portrait or both. Some pages from the promo are seen here, leading with art by Suthayalai (see for her portfolio). In the PDF: (2-3) Sahre; (4) Lima; (5) Valicenti; and (6) Hancock. See for more.
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