PHOTOGRAPHY: Boy George, Lensperson

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Girl By Boy
Boy George, self-taught photog, is now repped by Photographic Management Inc. (, and if you think Boy flaunting a camera is just another idle fashion statement, like that hipster Hasid look he used to affect, think again. "George's talent is about making the ordinary extraordinary," says PMI president Bill Coate. "Love him or hate him, his images, like his music, art and fashion, are a celebration of life and creativity. I like to describe his work as reportage on three hits of acid with a vodka chaser and no apology. The more conservative the photographic subject, the more George will reveal. 'George Bush, portrait by Boy George' — enough said." Maybe so, but Boy seems to be shooting mainly in his milieu so far, which features extraordinary non-Republican people like lip-loaded downtown transsexual Amanda Lepore (see the PDF), reportedly one of his fave subjects. At any rate, as Boy told the Village Voice recently, being on one side of the lens makes it easier to move to the other. "In a way, after years of having awful pictures taken of yourself, you start to be able to tell when a picture would be any good. You know what they're going to make you look like if they told you to 'just stand over there.' You knew it was going to be crap."
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