POLITICAL ART: Rolling Up the Red Carpet for the RNC

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A Pataki-derm is Coming!
Yes, "The Scream" was stolen the other day, but we have no reason to believe the GOP had anything to do with it. It was too professional a job. Nevertheless, mere days before God knows what will befall Manhattan during the sorely misplaced Republican Convention, we feel it's only right to showcase some of the livelier art the Bushies will have thrust in their faces — if they ever get a taste of real New York sentiment. What we have here, from www.rncnotwelcome.org, is an homage to Munch by Camille; "War is Peace" by Casey the Hun; "Biohazard" by Frank Reynoso; "Wanna Piece of Me?" by Mike Flugennock; "King Kong" by Molly Fair; and "War is Terrorism" by Brandon Bauer. See also www.justicedesign.com and www.a31.org.
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