Roger White's Martha Valentine

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My, How Festive!
Roger White, a New York-based motion graphics designer and 3-D artist who has the distinction of having designed the opening graphics for The Late Show With David Letterman, was rather prescient in his recent Valentine's Day self-promotion. "I usually create a Christmas card for clients and friends, but this year I decided to do a Valentine as well," he explains. "My inspiration for the Martha Valentine image was her hair. Watching her shuffle in and out of court earlier this year, she seemed to be hiding behind her hair rather than pulling a jacket over her head." Did he expect his card to be a self-fulfilling prophecy? "I think everyone wants to take Martha down a notch, but I never dreamed she would go to jail. I just tried to imagine how Martha would create a happy little Valentine with paper for her magazine. Martha loves paper cutouts and wallpaper, but in this image they rule against her." Good. Also in this showcase are promotional images White created as holiday cards for clients and family. "Sometimes they're printed on card stock, but usually I print them at my local one-hour photo. I love kitsch, and a photo card is the perfect format for delivery of a tongue-in-cheek image." See White's illustration work at
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