Siegel & Gale Predicts Branding Trends

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Super Size Nation
Design firm Siegel & Gale is out with its branding predictions for 2004, an annual rite at the company. "We do it every year as part of our strategic planning process," says chairman Alan Siegel, but the number of predictions is flexible. This year, there are seven. "There's no magic to the number," adds Siegel. Among the presumed magic in the predictions is: "Preoccupation with health and obesity. The airwaves will be inundated with advertising promoting low-carb products, diet programs, new health products and outrageous claims. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg here. Get ready for ads aimed at mothers of chubby children, and worse, at grandparents who have nothing to do but worry about the health of their grandkids. As a very positive sign, look for more purveyors of food to show sensitivity and caring. There is a tremendous opportunity for one of the major producers to gain credibility with parents by seriously and systematically reducing fat, salt and sugar in the foods they sell." We're lovin' it. See for the other portents. Seen here is a recent McD's ad that's not remotely affiliated with S&G but is just too perfect to pass up in this context. We particularly enjoy that ". . . you can't lose when you Super Size" assurance.
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