To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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Title: "Ghost"
New Orleans design/photography studio Louviere + Vanessa ( ) has a recent fine-art portfolio called "Slumberland," whose ghostly, gothic overtones are anything but soporific. " 'Slumberland' is a photography project that explores the duality between the secluded nature of dreams and the common ground of sleep, through surreal tableaux vivants," says Jeff Louviere, the designer/art director half of this husband-and-wife team, the photographer being Vanessa S. Brown. Their first collaboration was a self-published photo book about New Orleans (Louviere is a native of the Crescent City), and some other work seen here, besides the "Slumberland" series, is also locally inspired. For example, "Evel" is a "politically motivated poster about the state of affairs in New Orleans, and how business is done down here," says Louviere. The "Fuego" poster promotes an independent film that was shot in New Orleans. "Our Yesterday" is a concert poster for a local band, and "What's New Orleans?" is a "socially motivated poster about the city's fascination with itself. What other town measures its economic success by weighing the garbage left over from Mardi Gras?" And what other town can claim it shot a Kink in the leg? New York, eat your heart out.
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