THE SPEC DECK: What if There Wasn't a CBGB?

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Saving CBGB, One Way or Another
CBGB, that beloved punk dump on New York's Bowery, is in danger of folding soon, and some Brooklyn-based creatives have come to its rescue with a poster and online campaign. "We love the idea of fusing diverse media into a single communication strategy, and this campaign lends itself particularly well to that," says writer Stephen Land (, who worked with writer Caspian Michalowski ([email protected]) and AD Peter Wadsworth ([email protected]). "This campaign was created to help make sure CBGB lives on at its current location by illustrating the instrumental impact" — no pun intended, Steve? — "it's had on the world of music." Besides these clever "Life Without CBGB" ads, there's a viral component in the form of a faux Debbie Harry page at "We've already had random MySpace-ians joining our Blondie page as friends," says Land. Just don't let anyone talk you into sending them nude photos of yourself, man. Wanna make new friends, some of whom might even be blonde? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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