THE SPEC DECK: A Chip Off the Old Chipotle

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Stand Clear of the Nosing Boars
New York-based freelance art director Fernando Bernus ([email protected]), immediately struck several chords of recognition here with these droll Chipotle ads. There’s a Chipotle right across the street from the office, and the food is good; there’s an endless supply of pigs in the subway; and not only do cab drivers love to play chicken (see the PDF), seeing a chicken driving a taxi wouldn't be all that far-out in New York, never mind one in the backseat. “The quick-service restaurant business is all about lowering prices and increasing the quantity of the food served,” says Bernus, who did these ads all by his lonesome. “In that environment, it's impossible to have better-quality food. Chipotle uses smaller farms where they raise their pigs and chickens outdoors in open pastures, so they have room to roam, root and socialize. I like that.” And at the same time, you get a burrito that’s about the size of your head. Got spec you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected]today!
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