THE SPEC DECK: It's a Small World for Orkin

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Brush After Every Free Meal
Vince Soliven and Tony Marin hate infestations of vermin, as so many of us do, but these guys have a domestic theory about it. "Basically, it's like having a bad roommate," says Soliven (, an art director at Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago. "They don't pay for anything, they use your stuff without your permission, they eat your food and they're filthy. Even worse, you can't talk through your problems with them. So that's where Orkin comes in." Soliven isn't speaking from personal roommate experience, at least not regarding his spec partner, who's not even in Chicago. Marin ( is a copywriter at R&R Partners in Las Vegas. Anyway, Soliven took the photos and did the Photoshopping here, and as for the miniature-stuff concept, "although pests are small, it doesn't mean you can't see or notice them," he explains. "I wanted to show what it would literally be like to live with small guests, and how they just creep into your everyday life, whether you like it or not." Got spec you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected] today!
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