THE SPEC DECK: A Vodka With a Twist

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Goes Great With Hot Pockets
"My partner and I were sitting around my apartment and we were trying to come up with spec ideas for our book," explains Kelly Nedock, an art director at Point B Communications in Chicago. "I went into the kitchen to get some Hot Pockets" — nice product placement, Kelly! — "and there was the bottle of Blavod vodka in the freezer. Eureka. With a cool name like Blavod, and the fact that it's being touted as the world's first black vodka, we just had to do some ads." (See for the lowdown on this bizarre product.) "The headlines came naturally and we wanted the art direction to be clean and not too fussy," adds Nedock. "Maybe we should send these ads to the company and see if they send us a few free cases. On second thought, that might not be a good idea." Nedock ([email protected]) and writer Ron Smith ( freelance as River North Creative. Got a spec campaign you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected] today!
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