THE SPEC DECK: Going Up Over For an Aussie Brew

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Pssst: It's Brewed in Toronto
Roman Tsukerman is a freelance copywriter, currently working at OgilvyOne in New York, who decided to do a no-copy Foster's campaign. But that's no more backwards than the work itself. "I wanted to create a simple, iconic campaign for Foster's that makes the beer seem interesting and different, and you shouldn't be able to slap just any other beer's logo in the corner and have the ads still work," he says. "I tried to imagine how being Australian could be used as a powerful differentiating tactic." Tsukerman ([email protected]) notes that he was "the writer, art director, retoucher, photographer and planner — donning that last hat simply involved me speaking to myself in a British accent." Been donning some spec hats that you'd like to parade around in? Send your work to [email protected] today!
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