THE SPEC DECK: Bad Will Apartment Hunting

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Just Give Him a Pint for Xmas
Just Give Him a Pint for Xmas
"This campaign originated from my recent experience looking for an apartment in New York," says Rick Cornett (, who by day teams with writer Rey Martinez ( at FCB/N.Y., who is also his partner on this spec work. "I'd respond to apartments listed online that were made to sound like gorgeous, reasonably priced two-bedrooms, and I'd show up to find a rat-infested crack den the size of a broom closet." Yeah, we moved in there last week, Rick, and we have only one roommate this time! Three ads use stock but Cornett shot the door ad himself (see the PDF) and handled the retouching for the bullet holes. Wanna shoot some daylight into your spec? Send it to [email protected] today!
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