THE SPEC DECK: They Do Chicken Wrong

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Never Swim After You Eat
It seems a pair of TBWA/Chiat/Day/N.Y. creatives loves the Colonel so much, they had to mess with his bones. "The thinking in these ads comes from the happy times after finishing a large bucket of KFC," explains AD Carter Storozynski ([email protected]), who worked with writer Alex Taylor ([email protected]) and Toronto photographer Todd McLellan ([email protected]) of Sugino Studios. "There you are, sitting there with a full belly, greasy fingers and a pile of bones –- a fast food carcass that you’ve just taken down. We combined that moment with the irresistibility of KFC and, for grins, imagined how a Kentucky Fried Chicken would look in the workplace. We propose the poor chicken wouldn’t fare very well -- it'd be devoured before it could receive a single paycheck. So we feel we're telling a nice little story, beginning with the silly notion of a chicken on the job and ending with someone being unable to resist its deliciousness." Nice? Besides the morbid bone pile, you're using "fried," man. That's, like, totally verboten! "We don’t mind 'fried,' " shrugs Storozynski. "We feel the target audience knows what they’re getting into." Everything in these ads, by the way, was shot by McLellan, with the exception of the air traffic controller's station, which is stock.
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