THE SPEC DECK: Coupon Crazy for 7-Eleven

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Left On the Cutting Room Floor
Left On the Cutting Room Floor
TracyLocke/Dallas ( wasn't able to get the Super Big Gulp people to sign off on this "Save 10 Minutes" super big coupon idea, but "I felt it was nice thinking for the 7-Eleven brand," says writer Gib Shellenberger. After all, he notes, "many people shop for groceries with coupons but they don't really have the time to spend in grocery stores. Since 7-Eleven is known for its quick, no-hassle shopping experience, we employed oversized coupons to remind commuters that they can save time buying their essentials at 7-Eleven." Credits also to ECD Regan Holley, CDs Louis Tridico and Candy Peterson and AD Amy Warden. Wanna make an oversized coupon for yourself? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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