THE SPEC DECK: Getting Falsely Real for Swiffer

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A Swiffer Boats Veteran
Thanks to CD/writer Tricia Matoto-DeSanto ( [email protected] ) and AD Vlad Archin ( [email protected] ), whose day jobs are at New York agency TMP, for these hairy fruits of a spec sideline. "We just wanted to say something real about one of the products we use," says Matoto-DeSanto. "The Swiffer we shot for the ad is mine, and so is the hair on it. Small apartment, too much crap, plus roommates — the hair-on-the-floor problem is serious! Have you ever looked at a Swiffer after using it? That thing comes to life." Actually, we've never used a Swiffer, never mind looking at one — we're still in shock from the "Whip It" commercial — but right now we're looking at the hottie in the ad we're leading with here, and of course we're wondering if they're real. The answer is moot, since, according to Matoto-DeSanto, the "real" refers to her hair, not her chest, though there doesn't seem to be even a suggestion of anything phony about her hair. "We intentionally stayed away from being too obvious," says Matoto-DeSanto, who enlisted a friend to model and took the shot herself (the others are stock). "We could've added more hair so the focus stays on the hair, but most people will associate the headline with chests, which is part of the magic." We're not going to argue with this. Got a spec campaign you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected] today.
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