THE SPEC DECK: Not the Same Old GNC

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Nice Shorts!
Nice Shorts!
Here's another winning student campaign from the University of Texas/Austin's ad program, submitted by Cristin Burton ([email protected]), AD and photog on these ads, who worked with writer Sam Shapiro. Burton is now freelancing at an online ad agency in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Shapiro, obviously a man who hasn't got his priorities in order, has gone on to medical school. At any rate, in order to establish "the idea that GNC has products for things other than losing weight," as Burton puts it, what better than a spoof of weight-loss ads? "The guys were all in the portfolio program with us," she says of her models. "We went through Texas Creative together." Mike, seen in this lead ad for Focus Formula, "was the token model of the semester for a lot of students. I let him borrow my old workout shorts for the shoot." See where a gut gets you, guys? Fame! And you get to cross-dress, too! Click here for Burton's online portfolio. Wanna put a little Focus Formula on your own work? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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