THE SPEC DECK: The Heart of Magazine Darkness

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Words to Die By
Ah, yes, Fangoria, still alive and twitching so many years after Jason swung his first machete. Like its cousin the videogame category, Fangoria advertising is a place where you can be completely antisocial and get away with it in the name of lowbrow art. Not to mention using Colonel Kurtz's big line for a tag. "The concept grew out of the insight that hardcore horror fans go to root for the bad guy, not to be scared by him," says Matthew Barber ([email protected]), a recent University of Texas/Austin grad, now in New York, who created this campaign with AD Bin Chen ([email protected]), under the tutelage of instructor Sean Thompson. "They want to see terrible, unwholesome things done to people. Fangoria is a magazine where you get the psycho-killer's perspective, not the victim's." Like to flaunt your own killer perspective in the Spec Deck? Send your spec to [email protected] today!
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