THE SPEC DECK: Hey, You're Really Rockin' Those Wrappers, Girl

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Comes in Small, Medium and Juicy
There's a current commercial in which a guy makes a Starburst candy bust of the girl he's crazy about, but this doesn't go over too well with his intended, mainly because it's hideous. He should've hired Danika Landers to make her a cool top from the wrappers — an idea that Landers, a recent Parsons School of Design grad, had back in her AP art class high school days, which she stunningly executed, along with a wide range of other product placement fashion ideas, all seen in this PDF showcase as modeled by the artist. "My first outfit was created using only Trident wrappers," she explains. "I started with Trident because I chew a lot of gum and for some reason I was saving all the wrappers. I branched out to Starburst because it offered a variety of colors. I'd carry around huge bags of Starbursts and offer them to people on the condition they give me back the wrappers in the best possible condition. I moved on to a Gap bag dress and actually wore it to school one day and got a lot of looks. The caution tape dress was me trying to be a rebel, designing something completely crazy for the prom. I didn't end up wearing it; I couldn't sit down in it." Well, it deserves a standing ovation anyway. Landers, now an AD at a New York agency called Manhattan Marketing Ensemble, has more work at Got spec you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected] today!
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