THE SPEC DECK: When Movers and U-Haulers Collide

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Move It or Haul It?
Hey, it’s a double spec deck with nearly matching carton backgrounds, stencil type treatments and . . . clashing clients. Jason Maurer ( ), a copywriter at Portland’s East Bank Communications, who was also AD on these Move It Or Lose It ads, says, “A while back, a beat-up moving van, with what looked like two ex-Motörhead roadies up front, flew by me. ‘Move It Or Lose It’ was loosely stenciled above the cab. I remember thinking, That's all the strategy I need. In Portland, moving is a necessary evil, especially for the under-35, semi-slacker crowd. These guys make moving more rock ’n’ roll. If I ever get to do their business cards, they'll be on tattoo paper.” As for U-Haul, by writer Nick Hughes and AD Matt Miller, these guys don’t live in the same city anymore but they still do spec together. Miller ([email protected]) is at Leo Burnett in Chicago and Hughes ([email protected]) is at Coates Kokes in Portland, but they met at the University of Colorado and were interns together at TDA Advertising and Design in Boulder. So why U-Haul? “I pulled a U-Haul trailer from Boulder to Portland, and I thought it would be a challenge to write ads for a product I had grown to hate so much,” says Hughes. Got spec you want to flaunt? Send it to [email protected] today!
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