THE SPEC DECK: Getting That Pantene Aura

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Not the Frizzies
Outside of last week's Silent Hill street promotion, no one's submitting any guerrilla art, but we do have a spec campaign that looks more like graffiti-enhanced ads. Appropriately enough, this is "all about confidence and bravado," says San Francisco-based AD David Kelly ([email protected]), whose freelance business is called Clover. "Pantene makes a woman feel strong, clean and untouchable — but only if she likes it that way," he's quick to add. "We leveraged the product's benefits to create an aura around the women. In all cases, our models own the spread." Which is to say that's not another Pantene user just outside the frame, but rather an "abstract way of showing domination of the situation — she owns the entire spread." The pics are stock, and Kelly collaborated with freelance copywriter Nate Davis ([email protected]), whose Canada tourism campaign was previously featured in the Deck. Wanna get your own spec aura? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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