THE SPEC DECK: How to Get Into Princeton

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Pencil Pushin'
Pencil Pushin'
CD Mike Wolsohn, AD Reece Hoverkamp and writer Matt Garthoff of Marina del Rey, Calif., agency Ignited Minds ( created this campaign on a spec basis for The Princeton Review, but it was never produced. "Many students see training for a test as mandatory, and they just need to pick a service," says Hoverkamp. "Others know they need to prepare, but they're intimidated by the preparation as much as the test. And still others, for various reasons, disregard the call to prepare altogether. We created a campaign that speaks to all these segments in the common language and iconography of the test itself, turning the sheet into a canvas for artistic representations of how students feel about it." Which is, you'll note, a depiction of one form of agony or another. The sideways tag: "It
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