THE SPEC DECK: Putting the Wood in Dunwoody College of Technology

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Weird Computer Science
So this is what's going on in ad schools these days? Nerd-directed come-ons for technical schools? Well, it's about time! This campaign is the work of student art director Dave Bullen ([email protected]) at Brainco-The Minneapolis School of Advertising and Design, who worked with instructor Blair Fellman. "These ads are targeted toward what many people might call 'computer dorks,' but I think everyone can appreciate the underlying humor," says Bullen. "The strategy is based around the idea that when you understand the basics of computer programming, you can build virtually anything. And considering that society has created a stereotype for these types of kids, you can literally imagine them spending their Friday and Saturday nights at the computer creating all sorts of crazy things with the push of a few buttons on the keyboard." Oh. We thought they were just downloading porn like the rest of us. "But the reality is these IT students take pride in knowing they could literally write a program to create a female if they needed a little company," adds Bullen. "It kind of gives them bragging rights over the rest of us." Now we know why all the guys in computer services are always smiling — they have molecular assemblers at home!
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