THE SPEC DECK: Rooms With a Point of View for Lowe's

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Don't Ask About the Bathroom
Don't Ask About the Bathroom
AD Dave Bullen ([email protected]) and writer Alan Pounds ([email protected]), who work at a Minnesota creative services shop called Terry Dunham Inc., have a plan for Lowe's home improvement centers — a floor plan. "We want to show that not everyone's idea of a dream house is an oversized and overpriced suburban mega machine," says Bullen. "Size isn't the only thing that matters to a homeowner. These days, homeowners are more concerned with being original with their homes and allowing their personality to shine through. In a sense, Lowe's allows you to customize your home by offering a wide range of home improvement products." And humor is the best way "to demonstrate exactly what some of those dream homes might look like on paper." Wanna build a showroom for your spec? Send it to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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