THE SPEC DECK: Two Scrums Up for Shock Doctor Mouthguards

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What the Ruck?
What the Ruck?
Copywriter Mary Williams, a 2005 graduate of the University of Texas/Austin's ad program, created this campaign with classmate AD Angela Rodela. "These mouthguards run around $30 and are designed specifically for high-contact sports," says Williams ([email protected]), who's freelancing in New York these days. "With rugby, players can't afford to worry about their safety on the field. They have to be balls-out insane for the whole 80 minutes. So instead of focusing on safety, the campaign is about the freedom to take violence to the next level." Williams knows whereof she speaks. The women in these pics are her former colleagues on a club-level team called the Austin Valkyries. (The photography is by Rodela, [email protected], a non-rugby player currently freelancing in Phoenix.) Williams played college rugby, too, but "a club team is more advanced than college level, and the premier teams are the closest thing to professional women's rugby in the U.S.," she says. These aren't actual game shots, but the product was not Photoshopped in. "Angela may have tweaked the colors a bit, but that's all." Wanna tweak your colors in the Spec Deck? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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