THE SPEC DECK: Streetwise Chicago Architecture

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Michigan Avenue
Michigan Avenue
Josh Kemeny (, an ACD at Leo Burnett in Chicago, has worked up a spec campaign for the Chicago Historical Society with a special "in situ" feature. "I'm a New York native, but Chicago fascinates me," he explains. "And like every other New Yorker, my initial knowledge about Chicago history was based entirely on the Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller and A&E specials on Al Capone — assuming I thought about Chicago at all. The idea started to germinate when I took the 'mob tour,' where they drive around town in a bus and show you where famous mob stuff happened. Turns out the St. Valentine's Day Massacre was just a few blocks from my apartment and is now a humble parking lot. There's no placard or anything — I thought that was really strange." He joined the Chicago Historical Society, and the rest is history and then some, thanks to his clever Photoshopping of the ads into existing bus shelters where we can enjoy revealing before-and-after views of the city. In addition to a celebration of Chitown architecture, "I wanted to use OOH in a way I hadn't seen before," he says. Wanna give your spec some big shoulders of its own? Send it to [email protected] today!
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