THE SPEC DECK: Toe Grunge Puts its Best Feet Forward

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Not Gross
Not Gross
For Lamisil, home of horrendous Digger the Toenail Bug and some nasty feets that can fail you now and forever, "the idea is to get people who are active but aren't necessarily athletes to use Lamisil, so they don't have to stop doing whatever activity they love to do — or be embarrassed by it any longer than they need to be," explains writer/AD Bridget Prophet, [email protected], who worked with AD/writer Angela Denise, [email protected], New York-based freelancers both. "But we made it our goal not to use actual feet, because feet are gross." Not in a Coach ad, Bridget, but we know what you mean. "And when you throw a fungus in there, seriously, nobody needs to see that," she adds. Retouching by Karen Whitlock. Wanna tiptoe your way into the Spec Deck? Send your spec to Terry Kattleman, [email protected], today!
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