THE SPEC DECK: Toying With Your Food in Chicago

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Junior Sushi
Junior Sushi
Writer Amy Markley ([email protected]) and AD Stephen Spring ([email protected]) work at FCB/Chicago, though they're not a team. But they did team up for a pair of spec campaigns for children's cooking classes at the Chopping Block. "The Chopping Block is a real business here in Chicago, and it does indeed offer children's cooking classes," explains Markley. "The idea came out of the irony that the Chopping Block is a pretty upscale, sophisticated cooking store and school that also caters to children; so what happens when your kids turn into miniature foodie chefs?" For starters, Nemo's clowning around days are over. See the PDF for frog legs that don't taste like chicken, among other ideas. All photography by Stephen Spring.
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