STOCK: Bokelberg Goes Solo

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Prolific stock shooter Werner Bokelberg, who's been behind the lens for roughly half a century, has parted company with Getty Images after 13 years to open He should have plenty of material to show; Bokelberg claims to have had in the neighborhood of 80,000 images published commercially around the globe, making him nothing less than the world's most published photographer. "Our cooperation with Getty was as pleasurable as it was successful," says Bokelberg. "But in the face of millions of Getty image demands per month, it was time to establish our quality products as an individual brand." Bokelberg's aesthetic philosophy: "Every eye forms its own beauty. Beauty develops during the act of seeing, while we lay our eyes on her, again and again, from all perspectives." Seen here are some perspective-spanning Bokelberg images.

LuckyPix's Big Day. Chicago-based LuckyPix (, an indie stock house founded in 2001, is out with its first promotional book, the 150-page "Your Lucky Day," showcasing hundreds of images from the LuckyPix collection. LuckyPix is different from other stock agencies that have entered the market in the past few years, according to co-founder Bill Maday, in that "as many other agencies expand their image archives by all means possible, we're focused on creating a collection of highly commercial images. We recognize that we can't compete with larger, established agencies as a general archive. Therefore, we have been extraordinarily selective with our images, choosing only those that fit into the overall LuckyPix brand." Fortunately, that includes a few nudes. At any rate, "Your Lucky Day" is a catalog presented as a loose narrative, as if all the images were seen on a single Saturday, the photos arranged by time of day and, of course, theme. Seen here are some sample images from the LuckyPix collection.

Masterfile Goes RF. Masterfile Corp. recently announced that more than 70,000 royalty-free images have been integrated into the Masterfile site, The RF offerings include images in the categories of business, lifestyle, industry and travel.

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