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Cart Blanche
The School of Visual Arts in New York recently hosted an exhibition called "Pushcart: The Art of Peddling," showcasing the work of an international group of 24 MFA candidates. "Designed to provoke and amuse," as SVA describes it, "students working in a variety of media express opinions on hot-button issues — from art and technology to politics and metaphysics." Here are some of our faves from the show, which was curated by Kevin O'Callahan and presented by the MFA Design department co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. Click here for more.

Kirsten Sorton
Peep-Tastic breaks the traditional stereotypes of strippers and other sex industry workers. We seduce you to make you think.

Si-Jong Woo
"White Trash"
This cart sells the products that make you complete White Trash. Even though many movies and TV programs have ridiculed them, White Trash have accumulated and developed a lifestyle. Therefore, we have to treat them as the creators of unique behavior patterns. This cart gives you the chance to understand and participate in their way of life.

Laura Kelly
"Botanica Conservativa"
The cart sells religious articles for members of the Far Right, including devotional images of Conservative icons, Liberal voodoo dolls, and potions that promote tax cuts and military spending.

Rusty Clifton
"Chew On This"
Creating a platform for thinking through the chewing of gum. And spitting it out.

Jared Barel
"Believe: The Aliens R Us"
This is a symbol of role reversal. Every day, we label, alienate and discriminate; we are quick to the finger, never looking to what fingers are being pointed at us. In outer space, we are the aliens.

"Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Can't justify your war? Losing trust, with elections on the way? Don't worry, just buy some more Weapons of Mass Destruction and secretly place them in the desired area.

Cecilia Guerrero
We at Redemption-To-Go believe that all sinners are worthy of a chance at absolute forgiveness. For a mere 25 cents, we give you an opportunity to press your luck with the hope of achieving eternal redemption. May the Lord be with you.

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