TYPOGRAPHY: Coffee Drinkers of the World, Unite!

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The Best Part of Working Up
The Best Part of Working Up
In honor of May Day, P22 Type Foundry has released Constructivist Pro, "an Opentype adaptation of the P22 Constructivist font system," says the company. The set was originally designed in 1995, intended to be "mixed and matched to achieve a variety of constructed alphabet display font settings. Many of the letters were based directly on the specific letterforms of Revolution-era artists such as Rodchenko, Popova and Strakhov. Other letters were simply inspired by the bold forms of the artwork of Malevich and El Lissitzky. With the expanded Opentype version, we have unionized the five fonts and added many new characters into one 'Pro' font — with more alternates, more language support and more circles and squares." And, in celebration of the event, P22 has "fired up the kilns to produce a 17-ounce 'behemouth' of a coffee mug," which, of course, sports the font. Constructivist Pro is $49.95; the mugs are $8.95 each, or four for $31.80. Click here for details.
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