TYPOGRAPHY: Veer Opens Umbrella

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Veer's Umbrella
Veer (www.veer.com), which bills itself as a provider of visual elements and design-related products, has launched the Umbrella type collection — an "exclusive new library of exotic and underrecognized typefaces," as the company calls it. The Umbrella collection is a compilation of typefaces from small foundries and independent designers around the world, featuring typefaces by talented yet relatively unknown typographers, as well as those by graphic designers better known for other work. The initial selection features many script faces, reflecting the current demand for calligraphic and handwritten styles. "So many typefaces go unnoticed due to limited exposure, language barriers or lack of effective marketing," says Grant Hutchinson, a type designer and a Veer founding partner. "Umbrella brings together a host of these lesser-known faces, giving them the exposure they deserve." Moreover, Veer invites those interested in submitting typefaces to the collection to write to [email protected].
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