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Last week's question: Burger King hires sizzlin' Crispin Porter + Bogusky to add some much needed grill marks to its advertising and we get a revival of the old "Have it your way" slogan. Smart or stupid? It's Smart by a landslide, with heavy voting running 76 percent to 24 percent.

A representative selection of comments:

"Smart. I like the new slant on the old shibboleth. People want choices now as much as they did 25 years ago. No other fast fooder is exploiting this USP."

"Smart. It's one of the few differentiators in the 'fat on a shingle' category."

"Smart. Hold the pickles. Hold the lettuce. Nostalgic slogans don't upset me."

"Stupid. This new campaign turned into a Jerry Seinfeld routine gone horribly wrong."

"Stupid. Crispin Porter has done way too much great work recently to rely on a tagline some schmo, probably a marketing director, inked 20 years ago."

"Stupid. 'Have it your way'? Who are they kidding? What, like you can't do that at McDonald's or Wendy's or any of a million other artery-clogging fast-food joints? And while we're at it, how come they ripped off The Office?"

This week's Smart/Stupid Poll: Let's try a corporate identity question. Namely, Bush/Cheney's first round of ads. Doesn't get any more corporate than that, does it? As was widely reported last week, the Bushies chose to play up 9/11 in the ads, showing images of the destroyed World Trade Center with a flag flying in the debris, and firefighters carrying a flag-draped stretcher through the rubble. Various firefighters and relatives of the 9/11 victims were up in arms, claiming the ads are in poor taste and accusing Bush of exploiting the attacks, "using a gravesite as an instrument of politics," as someone called it. Later, other 9/11 families came out in support of Bush's ads. Was Bush smart or stupid to go this route? Click here to cast your vote.

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