Is Dylan Blowin'?

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Yes, let's do a Smart/Stupid poll, for a change of pace. Subject: Bob Dylan, the brand. You've seen Bob's Victoria's Secret spot? (Check it out on if you haven't.) Where, backed by his "Love Sick," a shot of the vaunted troubadour, looking like the satanic grandpa of one of the Three Musketeers, is intercut with a typical Victoria clone wearing angel wings? Dylan, of course, is desperately trying to appeal to the youth market, his longtime diehard fans be damned, apparently. Some have already publicly expressed a desire to kill themselves over this rash career move. So is Bob enhancing or damaging his brand by aligning himself with women's undies, of all things? Smart or Stupid? Click here to play and feel free to offer a comment on the state of Dylan Inc.

Fore Shame!
Last week's Rate the Ad. This hole in none for Top-Flite. The ad Sweet Metered so badly, it makes the Finlandia debacle of a few weeks ago look positively robust. Top-Flite failed to garner a single Very Sweet, while pulling a whopping 49% Sour, with the Good/Bad ratio, comparing the top half of the meter to the bottom half, an appalling 16/84. There were several nasty references to Alan Alda and that Survivor freak Richard Hatch, too, in a case of guilt by visual association. Here are the results:

5 Very Sweet 0% 4 Sweet 9% 3 Semi-Dry 7% 2 Dry 8% 1 Extra Dry 27% 0 Sour 49%

And here are our fave comments, presented in no particular order.

0 "So I found this wacky image online — how can we sucker one of our clients into falling for it?"

4 Every client I know would piss on it. But the ad is eye catching and it makes perfect sense.

0 Disgusting. Now when I think about Top-Flite, I'm going to see Bubba and his family on a campout.

3 The image is interesting, but the headline could be more clever. It's good to see golf loosening up.

1 This ad doesn't break the rules of good advertising, it ignores them. The art doesn't even qualify as camp. Who at Top-Flite accepted this amateurish attempt at shock?

0 A decent concept that had potential, until the creatives screwed it up by turning it into another "Look at the photo of naked people we found on the web" joke.

0 She's so homely, I'd rather play golf. Nice teeth.

4 The old saggy guy makes the ad! What better way to liven up such a boring sport as golf than with a little naked humor?

0 I am a golfer. This reeks.

1 This ad comes off as authentic as an Italian gathering at the Olive Garden. On the positive side, it should sell a helluva lot of Titleists.

1 It made me toss all my Top-Flite balls away, but I still want the autograph of the creative who sold this.

3 The headline could be cleaner, and while it will certainly cut through the clutter, I'm just really happy they didn't show any balls.

0 The more I look at this ad, the more I don't like it.

3 Annoying attempt to grab attention, but it's funny.

1 Give me a reason to switch, or make me feel smart for having already made the decision to play Top-Flite. This ad is embarrassing.

1 Manages to make golf look even more boring than I thought it was.

1 Even golfers are nude if you peel off their Izods, and these folks could just be pros, camping near Carmel between rounds at Pebble Beach.

3 I'm assuming this is mostly targeted toward males. In which case, I'm a little freaked by how the naked dude on the left is checking me out right now. Otherwise, it's catchy, simple and it has a strong statement.

0 Geez, Alan Alda has really let himself go to pot.

0 I've never seen such a stupid ad, and I will admit I don't play golf.

0 Not only do I totally not get what the tagline has to do with naked people, but they actually managed to make me sick to my stomach showing me these naked people. Who do I invoice for losing my lunch?

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